Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Global Prayer,

In the name of Jesus, our mighty Savior, we exalt Your name; how great are Your mercy and healing? We sing a song of praise and worship as we lift our hearts and pray joyfully. We place You, God, High above all things. You are Lord, and to You, we pray earnestly.

Father, as Your body, we desire to move gracefully in Your presence, flowing freely like falls over the trees of Your Glory. We ask for Your forgiveness and appeal for the hearts that have shown hatred to one another on earth. We cry out in the name of Jesus to heal the sickness and disease that causes misery and pain.

We honor Your name and pray for Your power to purify the people. May each body fill with living water, and may all vessels be made clean. May all people reflect the greatness of You, Lord, and the spiritual body shine like the Son in love and truth.

Dearest God, we seek to serve You more passionately, to trust in all things. To destroy our enemies, but show them mercy. May repentance be on the hearts of all people.

Lord, we understand there is a price to pay for evil, so we seek You to pluck it from among the people. After all, You are God, who hates sin and idolatry, blasphemy for money and gain. May those who treat Your word with adultery sink like soil back into the earth and repent.

Like You, God, who saves the people, we desire sinners to see salvation. We know that none deserves keeping. But You, Lord, seek that none should perish, and aren’t we to pray the same?

We pray to mend the hearts of all people and close the divides that separate us because of sin. We ask You to have mercy on us and heal the racial and sadistic sickness on earth. May repentance ring over the world as we worship the name of Jesus.

Today we make this plea openly and welcome all souls to live for Jesus Christ while we obey God’s commands. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather in My name, there I AM with you.” Here we are, Lord; we gather globally and from all walks of life to appeal to You.

El Shaddai, we love You. We thank You for sending Your Son, our living Savior, Jesus Christ; in the name of Jesus, we pray these things and agree. Amen.

Sister Christine

C. Brejcha ©️

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