Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Life Network For Women, “The Gospel In America.”

Hosted By Christine Brejcha

I respectfully inform you that I have resigned from my TV show on the Life Network for Women, and all programming has been disabled at my request.

“The War On The Church In Afghanistan”
“The Biblical Tithe, CASH OR CROPS”
“Interview with James H. Spence IV” on Operation Heal America
“Sexual Immorality
“A Nation Under Siege
“The Church And State”
“The Truth of Abortion & the Church”
“Persecution As A Christian”
“Are We Living In The Reformation Days?”
“The Forgiveness of Christ between Left & Right”
“The Book Of Ephesians
“A Sermon on Compassion and Homelessness”
“An Unrepentant America
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