Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Handling Purposeless Narcissism

It is not a sin, anger, or unforgiving to have boundaries to protect your own heart.

King Solomon said it best: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

There are people in your life, including family, who refuse the gospel of Jesus Christ to listen to their demons. They will watch you in secret and slander you silently at the same time; they will stand by a small group of people who they can manipulate to appear kind and good, those who claim Christianity that has No discernment and takes part in evil and gossip.

Do they not realize they are in line to be judged as well?

To forgive is genuinely repenting and giving God the glory for the hardships We faced previously through people. We forgive as Jesus forgave us. While simultaneously valuing Our existence and living a life that glorifies God. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to truly understand the dynamics of family and what is acceptable and not tolerable, carrying out the effects honorably.

The people who do not accept that our God speaks to his people and He chooses who he likes to carry out the will Of God are unaware that it is biblical, and it’s unfortunate for them. We did not ask for it or earn it but were asked By God to do it, so we said yes.

Ephesians 2:8-10 (MSG)
Now God has us where he wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in Christ Jesus. Saving is all his idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish! We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me recently about someone watching and the nasty things coming out of their heart, yet spilling out tears and something else to the people to capitalize on.

I shared the words openly and taught the People without recognizing who the person was at the time. I have since been shown and cut ties to unhealthy behavior. I continue to pray unceasingly for the same people as I Have for multiple years.

May this be an example to someone of how to handle unfair, relentless, and purposeless narcissistic treatment. Please keep it simple, and walk away, closing the door.

Sister Christine

C. Brejcha ©️

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