Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Father’s Prophetic Decree

Prophetic Decree spoke by ABBA Father and shared fifteen months ago from today, originally spoken in February of 2020. A profound word of direction to the Church.

If the Lord gives us a difficult task or assignment, we follow through with zest and zeal. To speak with boldness and the truth while never being ashamed of who we are.

We are never to shrink to the heights of the godless but to arise to a place of love and Spiritual purity. Father desires all to reach the locales of their calling, so pray for your enemies.

It’s a stepping stone for each person involved unknowingly, and this is the work of the LORD for His people.

Do not allow yourselves to be undermined by those who are petty and exhibiting envy; again, pray for new sight and strength to show love to the blind and needy.

The light brings clarity to those who See through what looks like a periscope’s many facets.

Do not Fear what is challenging, but follow through by the hand Of your Creator. Remember, all things were unknown to Those before they were shown in the light.

Furthermore, be sure to filter your tongues from slander while virtuously speaking the truth; likewise, funnel every word through Christ’s censorship.

Let no unwholesome talk fall from your lips, and if it is so, be sure to repent And free yourself From guilt and God’s rebuke.

Please do not allow people to silence you and cause their offense to weaken you—Speak the truth At all costs.

Christ’s authority overrules The assertions of man. Blasphemy will be dealt the Hand it played; allow vengeance to the LORD.

Followers of Christ turn the other cheek while the Religious whip us with white gloves.

Our Father deals with the Players; God’s people pray for them. At the same time, slander and false witnessing is a Sin, so you, are not to resort to a recourse. Keep it godly.

Let your heart match Your deeds, so everything is valid and not corrupt.
Remember, there is only one GOD, and to serve two is cause for Dismissal. Live above reproach, and stay away from the worldly; you live in the world but not of It.

Love thy GOD with your heart, mind, body, And soul, and let transparency surround you.

Pray for the church their loyalty is dying; Satan is destroying Father’s people, but Fathers’ Saints promote His love.

Father says, “I am counting on you, and when judgment arises, remember this…

“The opinions of men are like a cloud of Fine dust. They are here today and gone tomorrow like sand Blowing in the wind.

I command you to fix Your eyes on Me to keep yourself from going astray. Lean into Me, and drink from My waters. Receive in Me all that glitters and gold. Hold dear to the truth, and the truth, in the end, sets you free.

Do not avoid confrontation, but do not cause conflict unnecessarily. Face your back From evil, pointing your nose up at no one. Walk tall But not proudly, walk straight but with a light Foot.

Do not be like those who are like Soldiers, like the Pharisees who killed Me.

I Am the God who orders the foot, and the steps Of the righteous will not trip. I will ridicule those who taunt me, and I will not reward the defiant.

Go in peace to love and serve Me, and serve Me with your life. The wicked bring destruction upon themselves, but the Lord rewards the faithful. Saith the LORD

Father says, “the land thirst for My righteousness, and I will pour out My drink without measure. Feed My flock. Keep My house clean, and I will fill it with all good things.” Saith the LORD

Praise be to GOD!

Sister Christine

C. Brejcha ©️

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