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The Color Of Skin

Acts 17:26
And he made from one man every nation of humanity to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place.

1 John 2:9
Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.

Are you aware that we are divine beings having a human experience? We are travelers of inner light, safe in a house created to protect our interior. Are we made in the image and likeness of God? Yes! The Bible says so, and what is written is the truth of God.

Our souls shine the same, and the shell is just that, a covering. The color of our skin does not make us who we are; its function is to protect the nucleus of our being. It is a coat of spiritual protection. The opposite of what the world sees and teaches.

Humanity is one kind, humanity—a society is designed to be unique and differ from the rest. God created each person in his image. He separated us by our outer covering to add flair and pizazz.

It is through diversity that we stand apart on the outside, but on the inside, we are divinely the same through Christ. God created us to love in love.

God’s creation consists of many intrinsic pieces, and like a puzzle, we fit together, making up the beauty of the human race. We should celebrate one another and enjoy the outer differences in our appearance. It isn’t skin that divides but sin and culture that separates.

We must join together in one heart and Spirit, the Holy Spirit. We are becoming one family in Christ. A family of believers created the same yet different unique.

God created us to love and to accept all people, and not their sin or skin put their humanness. We must treat one another equally in the way of the Lord.

Our battle wars are socially driven by lifestyle, rebellion, and often a foul tongue, heart, and not color. The conflict arises through culture and secularism—then forced into the minds and hearts of even the churchgoers. These traditions and grandiose ideas that one us better than the other is satan’s work and not Jehovah’s.

Skeptics are like nails that drive holes in the truth. Satan’s principalities use the inferior minds of men to provoke a divide between the weak-hearted and the Spirited. Still, the enemy knows who is strong in Christ and tries to silence those who bring peace. The reason the righteous in Christ suffer the most.

The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Satan uses color and religion as his number one and two devices to divide God’s creation. Still, “we the people” won’t stand for it. A new church and body are rising—the elect.

It’s time to educate and enlighten the church in the truth of Jesus Christ, and not religion so that the world starts to see accurately. The devil is out to pit us against one another, further than before.

Are you tired of fighting for nothing? Do you believe chat the battle is the Lord’s? Do you understand that our weapons are spiritual and not physical?

Today is the day to place all trust in the laws and word of God. To trust Jesus Christ and not the religious minded.

The only way to find the open ground to unite is by tearing down their fences. We find freedom in Christ and not Idolatry. Satan’s ploy to divide begins with religions which results in racism. Do you play a role in his plan unknowingly?

Today is the day to repent and change. Today is the day to unite and not separate. To attract the heart of another and not deflect the desire to know God by an overinflated perception of oneself in the church. A day to love and not hate. To drop the titles and pick up your cross.


Skin color is due to pigmentation having nothing to do with the importance or makeup of a soul. Although skin is significantly important in the beauty of God’s creation. Racism is a demon and the Saints have Christs power within them to cast it out. It starts with you!

The skin color is nothing more than complexion, whereas a soul is eternal. Let’s take a look at the definition of color.

Definition of Color—pigmentation of the skin.

In the days ahead, we will find ourselves in a new time and era, one in which we will unite and not divide.

The days of Satan’s wrath to deconstruct all that God has created will see a much-needed change. We will find value in the differences of others again because far too long, we have become part of the problem. The pompous values wealth and power more so than the values of Christ. Sellouts!

We will see a day of growth and not decline; a day of moral strength is on the way. Still, not before a period of destruction and turmoil, the devil’s plan was carried out by the wicked, yet Jesus is preparing the weak, making them strong in Christ.

Yes, we head into the most profound days in history, which too is ushering in the coming of the Anti Christ, and the elements, far from fruitful, will be destroyed shortly through a drip effect.

God’s people will take a stand, and it’s not who you think. They will forge through with a faith not often seen in the past to accomplish God’s missions on earth. The loyalty is fierce, the courage bold. The game changers through Christ will lead people away from color blindness.

The Spirit of the Lord will open the eyes of the condemning and fill them with love for their brother.

We will see love and acceptance and, through the goodness of Jesus Christ, a passion for our fellow man. A new light will shine upon us and the days dawn lighter, if you will.

Those who serve the Lord will arise for the people, not ourselves, glorifying only our King, and the “Me Movement” is on its way out.

The Lord spoke to me, “To those who refused to repent and change their ways, I will shrink them down; so small, they will no longer will be heard,” Saith the Lord.

The status quo is about to get a radical make-over; the religious and heretical Pharisees will not like it yet offered repentance. It’s anyone’s choice to listen and obey. We pray for all people to repent and join the crusade.

A divine mission is to save the brokenhearted and teach others that sin is a crime worthy of punishment, but due to Jesus Christ, we have a way to be forgiven—do not take it lightly.

Get ready to love and not hate. To rise and not fall. To see all men as equal and to love God above ourselves.

Remember, Jesus was not a white man; he was dark-skinned but the light of life. His physical color had no relevance to who he was or is, and neither does ours.

Jesus is a Spirit of LIGHT, and the problems we face are caused by sin and not skin.

Religion has drawn an inaccurate picture of Jesus Christ, the reason the Bible says not to erect any image from the Heavens and worship it.

Our Christ is light, and so are you and me on the inside. It’s time to stop throwing shade on one another and open the blinds. To let the Son shine in—to celebrate all life. To lay our burdens at His feet and do away with the sickness of sin and culture.

The communities are filled with filth and lousy behavior. The music is perverse, and the idolatry of wickedness despicable. The bars and nightclubs are not the major problem it us organized religion on Sunday’s filled with Saturday’s sin.

In this Culture, “a false Christianity” is the devil’s way. It’s time to change. We can’t do it, but Jesus can, and through obedience to look like a fool for the will of God is righteous in the eyes of the Lord. The Bible says not by my power or might but by the Spirit of the Lord.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

God Bless eYou,

Christine Brejcha

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