Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Love And Faith

Love is a powerful force that can conquer all obstacles, no matter how daunting they may seem. Whether it is financial hardship, emotional turmoil, societal pressure, or any other challenge, love can help us overcome it all.

To stay grounded, it is important to stay focused, alert, straightforward, forgiving, and true to God, ourselves, and our goals. We must honor the Lord’s example, obey His written laws, and follow His voice to the ends of the earth, while simultaneously taking one step at a time until we reach the peak of our pilgrimage.

Indeed, as we run our race in life, it is crucial to do so honorably, guided by our faith in God. This means staying true to His word following His will, even when faced with challenges and uncertainties.

Throughout our journey, there will be times when we may feel weary, discouraged, or uncertain about the future. However, in those moments, we must remain steadfast in our faith, trusting that God is with us every step of the way.

It is important to remember that God’s timing may not always align with our own. And while we may desire immediate answers or quick results, God works according to His perfect plan and timing.

—Even when it feels like God is silent or distant, we can hold onto the assurance that He will show up in a big way when we need Him most.

In times of waiting and uncertainty, we are called to exercise patience and trust in God’s faithfulness. We can draw strength from the examples of our biblical forefathers like Abraham, Joseph, and David, who faced trials and challenges like we do, but like we do, they remained faithful to God, knowing that He would fulfill His promises in His perfect timing.

Dear Folks, keeping the faith means surrendering our desires and plans to God, trusting that His ways are higher than our own. It means comfort in His presence and seeking His guidance throughout the feelings of uncertainty in prayer and adherence to His word. It means persevering through hardships, knowing that God is working all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).

Having said that, as we run our race of faith let us hold onto the hope that God promises to never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 316).

Today, May we find comfort in knowing that even in the midst of challenges and uncertainties, God is at work, and His plans for us are good and purposeful.

May our unwavering faith sustain us as we navigate life’s journey, and may we find strength and encouragement in knowing that our ultimate victory is in Him.

Therefore, despite being mocked and belittled by proffesing Christians, genuine Christianity is full of love and good cheer. And while the delays of Christ’s return and His promises weigh heavily on our hearts, we still keep the faith.

Even when our bodies grow weary and brittle, and our minds tire out in service to God, we persist in keeping the faith.

Even when we have been obedient to the point of death and have exhausted every resource for the sake of the Gospel, we still hold onto our faith.

Even when love is met with sneers and our tears go unnoticed, we continue to hold onto our faith.

Even when we feel like we have endured all the worldly wickedness we can bear, we still persist in keeping the faith.

Today is a day where our faith is tested, and for those of us with untold stories, people would be shocked at the level of faith we have shown to honor God and not ourselves.

In this testing, God has revealed to each of us our weaknesses. However, through them, our strength lies in Christ. The Holy Spirit has cultivated peace, patience, true love, and scrupulous commitment.

This commitment has produced outstanding results through the refining of our flesh. Therefore, we glorify the works of our God, we keep the faith at all costs.

Beloved, we must never forget that our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God and no one else. – It is Christ who saves and redeems. He restores new life in those who love Him.

—His word and His will bring us ultimate joy, even through our obedience to sacrifice, the tears and emotional trauma. we steadfastly hold onto our faith.

When we face sacrifices, tears, and troubles, we can find comfort in knowing that God is with us and that our obedience is not in vain.

In moments of hardship, we must remember that Jesus Himself endured the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation. He suffered unimaginable pain and shed tears in the Garden, yet He remained obedient to the Father’s will. – Through His obedience, we were granted the gift of life and the hope of heavenly reward. Therefore we continue on in the hope of our God for relief and redemption.

When we face trials and tribulations, we can find solace in knowing that our temporary sufferings are producing an eternal glory that far outweighs them all (2 Corinthians 4:17).

Our faith and obedience to God’s word may lead us to make difficult choices and endure hardships, but we can trust that God will use these experiences for our ultimate good.

It is through faithfulness and obedience that we grow closer to God and each other and align ourselves with His will. We may not always understand why we must endure certain challenges, yet others prosper differently but we can trust that our hearts are pure in Christ, and God is using them to refine our character, deepen our faith, and draw everyone nearer to Him.

While the world may offer temporary pleasures and fleeting happiness, our true joy is found in knowing God and following His will. Our reward is not found in earthly treasures or temporary success but in the promise of eternal life with Him. As we steadfastly hold onto our faith, we can find comfort and hope in the knowledge that our prize is in Heaven, where there will be no more tears, pain, or suffering (Revelation 21:4).

So, let us press on in obedience, even when it is difficult, knowing that our faithfulness will be rewarded. May we find strength in God’s word, comfort in His presence, and unwavering joy in knowing that our ultimate reward awaits us in Heaven.

In conclusion, love and faith are a powerful and transformative force that help us overcome any obstacle in our lives. When we stay true to ourselves and follow God’s guidance, we can reach the pinnacle of our journey and bring glory to His name.

Keep the Faith!

Much love and respect,
Sister Christine.

C. Beach ©️

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