Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Godly Encouragement

Life itself presents enough challenges, so it is unwise to actively challenge the beliefs of others. Instead, we should lead with boldness and conviction, guided by the Holy Spirit.

It is important to acknowledge that not everyone will accept the message of the gospel, and in fact, the majority may disregard it. However, there will be those who, at some point, will recall and reflect upon what we have shared. Even if just one person is saved through each message, it is a victory.

Our focus should not be on competing for attention or engaging in doctrinal disputes. Rather, we should simply share the genuine gospel, allowing each individual to comprehend it according to their own understanding, whether they possess the Holy Spirit or not we have no power.

As ambassadors of Christ, our task is to speak the heartfelt truth and have a personal relationship with Christ, allowing His Word to transform us and fill us with grace and truth to convey it adequately.

In doing so, we can effectively convey a clear message to the people. Let the naysayers make their noise, while we, like peaceful and prophetic lions, roar with the truth.

Conviction does not seek to compete but rather exemplifies itself boldly and declares victory in Christ.

Followers of Christ and not culture Christianity serves as a living example of the power of God, rather than merely making empty sounds through quoting the word accompanied by background music. Genuine authenticity is essential to embody the Holy Spirit’s presence and demonstrate the transformative power of God in our lives.

Let the competitors reveal themselves by keeping quiet on conflicting matters but confidently walking out our callings in Christ without shame or blame.

A game changer is someone who possesses the ability to forgive you even when you try to sabotage their progress and, with honor, outperform you in your own game.

It is indeed remarkable to witness the spectacle, but fortunately, God’s people are not actively participating in charades. While the fraudsters are unable to demonstrate the presence and power of God as their support, they perform worldly feats through material wealth—they fail to show the world who goes before them. The fruit doesn’t add up. It’s best to open your eyes to the truth before it’s too late.

1 Corinthians 11:18-19
For first of all, when you come together as a church, I hear that there are divisions among you, and in part I believe it. For there must also be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you.

Listen, closely.

Sister Christine

C. Beach ©️

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