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Jezebel vs. Prophetic

The Jezebel spirit is an insecure narcissist, who sees herself grandiosely, but, when alone, is pitifully empty. Individuals consumed by her presence like to claim sovereignty, but it’s all fantasy while having no empathy for anyone else’s feelings; individuals like this will destroy your life while sucking you dry to feed their own emptiness and self-loathing.

Jezebel likes to mirror the good character and qualities of their supply source, naming themselves openly these things, thinking they are fooling the spiritually gifted, but are not—frequently Jezebel is present in personal relationships with co-workers, family members, church leaders, and spouses, while progressively widespread on social media.

Initially, Jezebel is attracted to the prophetic gifts praising them respectfully in the manipulative gestures of the love bombing phase. Then begin to obsessively cling to the person bragging with outlandish claims of gifts they don’t have but fantasize over and frequently fake.

The Narc examines by studying the prophetic to reenact their words and activity to copy their mannerisms. This behavior is toxic and demonic, but in the hopes of trying to attach spiritually, they attempt to befriend with compliments and sometimes gifts or donations. Often the prophetic receive warning immediately spiritually and back away quietly to protect themselves from the emotionally unregulated.

Jezebel is dangerous in that multiple personalities challenge her removing her from any genuine reality and over time, their rejected obsession turns into pure hatred, delusion, and imaginary competition, so fierce they are willing to kill over it—that love bombing quickly turns into seething hated, and envy escalates—ultimately it’s time for the narc to begin tarnishing the good character of the prophetic publicly and privately so others won’t see their genuine nature, character and prophetic gifting claiming it false because if not the light shines on their darkness revealing their fraud.

That said, the prophetic person plays dumb but hip to the masquerades that led them to disconnect with no notice silently. That said, Jezebel has character traits; she is over-sexualized, not meek, jealous and envious—an attention whore, rebellious to the truth while claiming power, yet powerless, and living lies.

Jezebel is a manipulator, brown-nosed gossiper, an actor, a watered-down philosopher, and often involved in philanthropic enterprises to be seen as righteous; the entity is redundant in that it says the same things repetitively over a large number of years because there is no Holy Spiritual depth to a false prophet. They often speak about themselves and the imaginative power God gave them while crying out for attention.

At the same time they often self-appointed themselves and each other to “pulpit positions” and church buildings, organizations, and stages to destroy the sanctity of the genuine gospel.

Jezebel is a money-hungry vixen that’s haughtily minded and often successful in a worldly sense, as there are no limits to their lengths to make a dollar. Showman is often seen as the expert in a particular thing, such as prosperity, wealth, and worldliness, and marked by master manipulation to entice others to give to them to gain the same wealth by falsifying the name and word of God at the expense of souls—stealing from the poor to pump the people full of witchcraft to stay seated beneath them.

In a nutshell, to start. Pray against it; Father says that Spirit is going down in both men and women.

I hear, “Affairs revealed.”

Praise the Lord, our God.

Much Love,

Sister Christine

C. Beach ©️


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