Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Prophetic Healing

The crushing of a heart for holiness, how sweet the sound and bitter the taste—a womb is filled to birth a gift that will bless many nations across time and space. This gift is none other than a Child, sent to be a Savior. Despite being the living God who made all things possible for our victory, Jesus was mistreated like a poor man and sold out like a slave.

Jesus, who was sent by the Father and lives in us today, is the beginning and the end, and our Savior. He bravely died for the sins we have committed, and in our filth, His love forgives us our trespasses.

Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, Messiah, Emanuel, and Creator, bled out His love for humanity to pay the dues of sinful and undeserving people. He is our hope and hero, the Beginning and End. After being buried in a tomb, He rose again on the third day. We adore You, Jesus, our Christ and God.

Jesus, the anointed One!

Father says, “I Am birthing Myself in My people, the faithful ones and My promises are guaranteed.

I see your suffering and pain; I feel the crushing in your Spirit, yet I have made a way, and the covenant with My people cannot be broken or altered.

The promises seem to tarry but believe Me, My child; the Heavens sing My praises for what I Am doing, even the rocks wail with glory.

Father says, “My children are crying out to Me while the Earth continues to reject Me; I will comfort the ones who love Me and wipe their tears away, and no longer will they cry, “Father, help Me! Because I will help them.” says the Lord.

Father says, “Dearest Ones, Hold onto Me; press in tightly, and feel My presence. I Am with you. Feel My touch and allow Me to comfort you.” Says the Lord.

Father says, “I will fill you with My Grace. Allow Me to love you, to heal your sickness and pain and drive out demons; it’s ok, My darlings, nuzzle yourself in My arms and hold Me tightly.

My love, receive Me, and I will make you whole, and for eternity I AM yours, and You are Mine; no one can take you away from Me.” Says the Lord.

Father says, “I will lift you high as you sink low in submission, and I will, without a doubt, comfort you, little Ones— have no fear I AM with you.

Let go of the pain and give it to Me; I will replace your anguish with honor and heal your wounds permanently. Child, I will restore what the enemy stole from you and replace it with My glory.

Hold Me, Child, tightly while I have work for you, I AM preparing you, and when I AM ready, I will return for you.

Father says, “I Am healing you, and through the process, you are to tell the people to die by fire leads to eternal life.

Tell them,

Oh, how I love My precious Ones, and like the stars light the sky, My Own will twinkle differently; they shine in the darkness so that all can see My glory.

Tell them

My child, I AM yours, and you are Mine, do not fear the threats of the enemy and those who hate Me. Instead, marvel in My Grace and presence, knowing that no one can remove you from My hand. I AM Father and LORD.

I AM the King of Israel; I AM Life.

I AM everything to everyone who loves Me.” Sit quietly with Me, and listen,” Saith the Lord.

Oh my, that was so heavy; it took me quite a while to get it out through my weeping. Be blessed, broken Ones, be blessed, faithful ones. Hallelujah!

Be blessed, Lost, and Found.

God Bless you,

Sister Christine

C. Beach ©️

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