Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Prophetic Word (I AM coming)

“Let Me love you, dear ones. I will show you My mercy and plans, say the Lord. My justice and mercy, they are coming. My rivers run deep, says the Lord. “My canyons are the gorges to drink from and be well—my love, come and wash in Me.” Says the Lord.

“Emerge yourselves fully in what I have to offer—dance in My presence. Marvel in Me, says the Lord; I will captivate your heart and relieve your pain. I will set your soul on fire.” Saith the Lord.

Dine with Me, My precious Ones.” Fill yourselves with Bread that does not spoil. It will make you well and not sick. Share in My grandest fair; I AM the Lord, says God.

“Tell My people

Share yourselves with Me, and I will share all I have,” says the Lord. And as the waterfall flows with streams of purity, My love will Drench you. My company is heavy,” Saith the Lord.

Feel the weight of My rain pour down on you, My precious Ones. I Am with you.” Saith the Lord

“Tell Them,

My beloved, I have recorded; I will return for you. You and Me, My Bride, My beauty, the Apple of My eye. We will fly above, and We will soar.” says the Lord.

Indeed I have prepared a place for you, and from the finest delicacies you will eat, the meal is exquisite.’ Saith the Lord. The fairest that heavens have to offer, I will provide it to you; believe in Me.” says the Lord

Indeed, you must lay down all that hinders My plans for you. My presence is enough. Put them down and sit with Me. Believe in Me, and I will tell you.” says the Lord.

“Tell them

Love Me as I love you—trust in only Me. I AM the Messiah. I AM Lord and King. I AM God. I do not compete,” Says the Lord.

“Tell Them,

I AM coming soon; dress and be ready.

“Tell Them,

As the body is in length, there is no time. But from the finger to the elbow is the period left.

Tell them.

My precious Ones, I AM coming.” says the Lord.

C. Brejcha ©️

To all of my social media followers, I will be doing away with social media for a few weeks. I will continue teaching to pour out with the Lord to edify encourage prophecy, and counsel on my website, which is directly linked to my platforms, but I am purging of social media. If you have any questions or prayer requests, you may send them directly by email @


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