Past the pain comes reward through faith in Jesus Christ

Love And Hatred

As earnest in love is our most gracious God, we, too, are to follow in His footsteps.

Jesus diligently loves, His faithfulness to show kindness and grace to all even when we don’t deserve it. We must shine that same light on the earth, no matter politics, color, race, and sin.

Hatred is hideous; it’s accurate that churches are packed on Sunday but is the heart is the people complete? How can we have love if Sunday, we hold hands and Monday morning, we partake in political hate?

The enemy plays us a fool, and a fool’s game wins double-minded prizes. Additionally, a wavering mind is an unstable mind; it is undecided and hesitant about obeying God, and the world reflects distrust and lack of reasonable fear; therefore, it does what it wants regardless.

James 1:8 says a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Many who claim Christianity are still enslaved people, heartsick and murderous. The Bible says to hate your brother is equal to murder.

Have you ever stopped to think about Jesus, this poor man who loved without measure, healed, served, and with a gift of compassion, above the rest, they mocked and spat on Him before beating Him to death and crucifying yet He forgave them with His last breath. That’s what true Christianity looks like, and similar to Jesus, it’s hated instead of respected.

It’s time to look inward and, with deep introspection, seek Jesus like never before. If you don’t love and fear God, it’s impossible to love like Christ; He makes the way so no one can take the credit. But anyone hating his brother will be credited for that hatred and judged swiftly.

Is it worth it?

Loving your brother doesn’t mean agreeing with sin, abortion, race-baiting, and decimating our freedoms and rights; no, it means speaking kindly and with good character when dealing with people who oppose our values. The fruits of the Spirit make it possible to separate the two. A Christlike Saint thinks more significantly about others than themselves and having the last word.

People ask how I can be kind and have conversations with hateful people?

By being love, and if your claim Christ then where is it? It isn’t Jesus spreading hatred and cursing at each other; it’s a foul hear.

I live in DC, a largely liberal town; how would Jesus feel if I only fed, prayed, or helped save the side I vote for? It’s madness.

How do we say we are wise in the law of the Lord is in us and live double-sided?

We can’t, people can say it but not be it, and if a person is living with Christ, they most certainly live it.

People have the propensity to be followers and not lead for fear of not be accepted. Guess what? No one should desire to be accepted by anyone but Jesus Christ, and those who live like double-sided tape become stuck to all that is ungodly from all sides.

I encourage people to pray about the words I am sharing through Christ.

Lord, Help us to love as you love. Fill us with your Spirit of gentleness so we can walk out in light and goodness—doing what is best for others, in Jesus name.

May we be more like Christ and less like the world to spread Heaven on earth; Thy will be done.

-Sister Christine

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