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Full-Term Abortion 06/10/20019

When facing the dilemma of full-term abortion to save a mother’s life, Medically what are the facts vs. Fiction. At the same time, the literary truth regarding the meaning of the wordplay used by abortion providers.

Many claim a partial-birth abortion term is performed to save the mother.

When in truth, if a health risk arises for the Mother close to the delivery date, premature and or a full-term delivery, the doctor conducts a C-section to remove the baby safely.

They are telling an untruth!

How many of you have delivered children? Both men and women have been there, so you know better than to believe this, and still, many do.

If a mother went into cardiac arrest while delivering, no Doctor has ever said.

“We’re losing Mom; it’s time to inject the baby with poison and wait for its heart to stop and abort.”

The time frame alone is a red flag; it’s not a standard or legitimate practice as Doctors tend to Mom’s heart issue.

Please take time to rationally think it through reasonably to come to terms with the truth.

The abortion facilities are killing children for the profit and resale of human parts, while the parent is murdering her child for personal motives.

There is no rhyme or reason, whether medically or personally, to terminate a full-term and full-grown baby’s life.

The practice of full-term Abortion and or any abortion makes no good sense; it is simply untrue.

The fact remains that humans are separate people without a voice to speak on their execution.

For those fooled into fighting for the lies they feed you, please take a time out and research the things you are brainwashed into believing.

You are fighting to kill children lawfully, yet no law, whether you are a Christian or atheist, gives anyone the right to end a human life and does it violently.

Your warfare in the name of women’s rights brutally steals the right to live from billions of girls.

How does that make you feel?

Today’s feminist movement is filled with delusional demonizing of women.

Recall your life and imagine your mother is allowed to slice your throat at nine months, moments before your life outside the womb was set to continue?

Cheerleading for executioners is taking away that same right you were given to live and be a girl, a teenager, and a woman and do great things with her life, or his.

We are better together, standing boldly for causes to clean up society and let the righteousness of God be our lead. I would love to show you how.

Let’s take a deeper look into the term “Reproductive Choice.”

Reproduction, by definition, is the production of offspring by a sexual or asexual process.

Whereas production is the act of creating something and not destroying it.

Contrary to what the Pro-Choice movement ardently declares is a reality but false.

Seemingly a play on words and not the meaning of Reproductive Choice.

The choice is made earlier when deciding whether to lay with a man, either married or unwed and laying aside scripture for a moment; both options have consequences.

Please, I encourage all people, men, and women, young and old, to look deeper and do their research. Planned Parenthood and its affiliates are lying to you!

We do not need a degree in neuroscience or Osteopathic Medicine to render us capable of using our brains.

The ONLY choice is the decision to allow everyone to live. It’s not our choice to decide if a child’s life will be too tricky or end because the beginning is not ideal for the mother or father.

I speak candidly on life because Christ has given me a mission, and I will obey until my last breath to accomplish it.

Expect to hear more from me on this issue as it is one of my main reasons for what I stand to do.

Sister Christine

C. Brejcha ©️

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