Prayer For Our Nation

God Bless the United States Of America.

Christine’s Cornerstone

Brother’s and sister’s, today I pray that the Spirit of Lord touches every area of your life in need of mending, and healing.

I pray that the Lord’s merciful love and compassion, “reaches the gate of every heart.” I pray that He fill every crevice of your inner being with joy, bliss, glee, and elation.

I pray that the Lord places goodness and peace in the hearts of all Americans. As He composes a new song of healing in the Spirit of this nation.

Today, let us pray for the needs of the the United States of America. For a filling of the well, and a closing of the divide.

Let us start with praying for one another as we refrain from sarcasm, slander, and irreverent speech.

May no unwholesome talk come out of the mouths of God’s people, but only what is helpful in building up others. May we…

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