About Christine

Christian Evangelist, Author, Prophet, Speaker.

Christine Brejcha is a Philadelphia native, born and raised. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Angelena 30, Anthony 14, and Ava who is 12 years old. Christine now lives in Washington DC while serving with her Gospel Ministry.

She founded Christine’s Cornerstone Ministries in 2017, after a near death experience in 2016, her second visitation from Jesus Christ. This supernatural encounter with Jesus radically changed her life forever.

She has since devoted her entire life to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes in the realms of politics, and to the hearts of the religious and the unbelievers.

She stands firm upon the rock of her Lord and Savior. She hears his voice candidly, and shares the wisdom that she was given.

The Lord has filled her with the goodness and power of who He is and she stewards that honor with her life.

Christine is a prophetic voice to the Nation, with a special task set-aside. A woman who preaches the unfiltered Gospel of Jesus Christ with love and compassion. An Evangelist with a very unique way of writing through the voice of God.

Christine say’s, “no man has taught me the ways of the word and His Ministry, it is the Spirit of the Lord who fills me.”

Christine also ministers to the sick and suffering. She has faithfully provided for the homeless, addicted, and the less fortunate for over ten years.

During the pandemic, Christine made a vow to feed the Lord’s flock on the streets. The homeless and and the unloved. Those who suffer. She feeds their bellies and nurses their wounds, while feeding them the bread of life.

Christine also shares the oil of the Lord as an on air voice and Contributor at Christian Mix 106 Radio. She hosts an upcoming gospel series on, The Life Network For Woman, which was founded by Pastor Paula White. The program is set to air in early February 2021.

Christine wants people to know how far Jesus Christ has brought her. You see, Christine has suffered many traumas in her life and was abandoned by her parent over 30 years ago.

She was a victim of child abuse and comes from a place that was lacking the love that we all desire. Which is the reason Christine left home at the age of 16.

Christine suffered beatings and an extreme level of emotional trauma. As far back as she can remember she was torn down physically, mentally, and emotional. This pain and emotional confusion led her down a road of self destruction.

She would then spend many years in her youth sowing unhealthy seeds as a wanderer. A lonely and orphaned heart in need of mending.

Just as many who suffer abuse, Christine attempted to fill the voids in her life with unhealthy people and places. She worked as a bartender in the 1990’s club scene, which also included working in the gentleman’s clubs, and took part in the detestable things that the Lord hates, like drugs, alcohol, and uncleanliness.

However, in 2001, by a move of the Holy Spirit, she was placed on a new road. One that would save her life in the long run. Her oldest daughter, who was eleven at the time, gave her a new Bible for her birthday.

Christine recounts, “It was September 18th, two thousand and one, when I started reading the word of God and awakening to my prophetic gifting.”

This would set off a chain of events that would take years to come to fruition. Christine read that Bible for seven months, and it was the truth that set her free.

A truth that the Catholic Church had kept from her. The Holy Spirit was revealed and could not be tamed.

It was then that God gave her the courage to check into a treatment facility, and take back her life. To begin her relationship with Jesus Christ. To turn away from the lies of religion and give her life to Christ.

Christine was filled with the Holy Spirit and started on a new way of living. She went onto college, trade school, and spend years in the sales and finance end of the automobile business. As well as years in the medical field.

Christine also acquired her Real Estate License, and spent time working for large hotel chain in Atlantic City. All while serving in countless Ministries and foundations.

The path of seeing and hearing through the eyes and ears of God was never easy for this woman. It was a road filled with persecution and hardship, due to the disbelief of others.

The persecution and hate was so heinous that it led her to be shamed for who she was, and for this, Christine ignored her calling for many years.

However, due to the Grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, He never stopped chasing her. Today Christine is rooted securely in her God and she serves Him without question.

Christine wants the world to know, “you have not missed your mark.” Sometimes it takes years to be refined through the Spirit of the Lord, in order to hit the mark with accuracy.

The destiny path of God is not easy but each of us were chosen before the foundations of the Earth. For this the opinions of man are null and void.

We learn hard lessons in life that are found in our failures. The lessons that must be learned in order to be who you are in Christ.

The plans of the Lord require absolute submission, you must be willing to pay the price for the oil. This is why we receive the blows in thanksgiving and learn from each one.

The blows of failure and disappointment are what build character and perseverance. There is no shame in starting from the bottom, and working your way to the top.

Remember, the people you surround yourself will affect every area of your life. So fly with Eagles and leave the chickens on the ground. Be wise, and place Jesus first, and all things will be added.

You are a diamond in the ruff just waiting to be found. God will see to it that you are honored for the beauty of who you are—when you honor the beauty of who you are.

The demons of depression, fear, worthlessness, and anxiety, are not from God. They are from the from the devil. The serpent who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. Be sure to place all of your faith in Jesus, and Jesus alone. The word is to be your best friend.

Remember, there is freedom in the Lord, and he or she who the Son sets free, is free indeed.

As far as Christine, this woman’s heart is for the people. She lives her life through the Holy scriptures and loves the unloved. She knows the hardships of pain and suffering so she never allows others to suffer alone.

Christine has a message for people.

She say’s, “the Western world’s churches, and the United States government, have polluted the offices of God for gain. But the Lord has said, “I will take them back.”

The Remnant are rising up in a way that no one expected, all for the freedom of His people.

“Pride comes before the fall, but the humble will be exalted.” say’s the Lord.


“It’s not what you know that makes a difference. It’s what you do with what you know that promotes change.”

-Christine Brejcha